Geoff Pointer

Welcome to my general web site. This began about fourteen years ago when I created a web site to publish materials related to my work teaching foundation studies maths and physics.

Two main problems gradually built up over time. The first was that I began to add various sections related to my other interests and things got more and more complicated. The second was that I'd learnt my web design right at the end of an era and everything in that field changed fairly radically over the following few years and continued to change further until my design ended up totally out of date within a short period of time.

To deal with the first point I now have distinct sub domains for my main areas. These are Education, Music and Blog. The Blog domain is just for general discourse about life: philosophy, politics etc, and currently only has a home page and will have to wait until I've got free time. My Education site is up and running and demonstrates the new design I'm using. I focussed on that site because my current full time concern is education. My Music site still uses the old design and I am currently working on bringing that over to the new design.

These are the links to my two current working sub domains.