This is just an introduction.

I guess that on some level, I've always known that music is my thing. But there's more to life than just knowing your thing. Various struggles with life, the universe and everything, have taken me on a much varied path to this point. My three subdomains contain more detail, particularly the education and music subdomains, because between them, they basically cover the content of my entire life. The blog subdomain, when I finally get around to kicking it off, will basically just be a place to vent my opinions about life in general.

Page 2 is a brief history of this web site.


This began in the early 2000s, when I created a web site to publish materials related to my work teaching foundation studies maths and physics.

I was teaching an introduction to HTML, to a class of year 10s and very quickly got sucked in to the ins and outs of creating web pages, which quickly led to the creation of my own web site. Two main problems gradually built up over time.

The first was that I began to add various sections related to my other interests and things got more and more complicated. The second was that I'd learnt my web design right at the end of an era and everything in that field changed fairly radically over the following few years and continued to change further until my design ended up totally out of date within a short period of time.

The first problem was solved by creating separate, independant web site sites for my main areas, taking advantage of the subdomain concept. These are Education, Music and Blog. The Blog domain is just for general discourse about life: philosophy, politics etc, and currently only has a home page and will have to wait until I've got free time.

The second problem was dealt with by starting from scratch using up to date methodologies. My Education site was completely rewritten first, and has been up and running for some time now. I focussed on that site initially because I was back studying at University. Having since taken the plunge into a full time dedication to music, my music site has now also been completely redesigned and is fully functional.