Hello, I'm Geoff Pointer

Welcome to my domain name placeholder.

The core of my online content is organised into three web sites, which are completely separate, using subdomains. If you find yourself in the wrong web site, there should be links in the footer, to get to the others. From here, the links to my three web sites are in the My Web Sites menu above.

Links to my two main web sites, Music and Education, are also in the footer. My Blog web site has not yet been implemented, so it only has a home page, which has links to my Music and Education web sites.

That means, if you end up in the Eduction web site and want my Music web site, there will be a Music Web Site link in the footer and if you end up in my Music web site and want my Education web site, there'll be an Education Web Site link in the footer. Hopefully I've tied up all the possible threads to make getting lost impossible.

For now, because I only have two active web sites, each one has only one link in the footer to the other one.

The whole point of subdomains is for when an entity needs more than one web site, but wants to avoid the expense of buying, and paying for the hosting of, more than one distinct domain. This was my motivation. It's important to understand that my Music web site, my Education web site and my Blog web site, when it eventually becomes active, are intended to be completely separate web sites, with completely independent structure and content.

In case you're interested, there is some information here about the history of my web site, in the bio and about sections.